We Believe in Lifelong Learning

Welcome to California School of Health Sciences (CSHS), an institution providing language and health care training programs, the goal of CSHS faculty and staff is to make sure you receive an outstanding support during the program you choose and your academic experience at CSHS is satisfying. We are experienced in working with students who come to CSHS with all levels of academic experience and we help them achieve their goals. Our programs are designed for individuals who want to grow in their career. We wish you the best in your educational enterprise.


As an accredited institution, CSHS’s mission is to provide quality-oriented educational programs that increase students’ knowledge, improve their skills, and foster critical thinking in an efficient, timely, and economical manner. While ensuring that its’ students are adequately prepared to transition to the professional field or academic institution of their choice, CSHS also strives to support hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities in California and throughout the world, by means of best-based and evidence-based practice, results-oriented training, and standardized academic development.


Prepare students for success in professional career in nursing and allied health. Furthermore, prepare students to transition to academic institutions.


We believe that learning is a continuous, dynamic, and interactive process that takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and helpfulness.