My name is Lauren Gurrola. I’m one of the St. Francis people that took the CCRN review course on 9/28/2010 and 9/29/2010 in L.A. I just wanted to let you know that I passed with flying colors and I didn’t mess up your 100% passing rate. Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience. I have referred many people to you that are interested in taking a review course for the CCRN. Take care.

Lauren Gurrola

I highly recommend this review course to anyone getting ready to take the examination. It will pinpoint areas where you need to pay a little more attention to and it will give you the confidence you need to not only prepare but to pass the exam, just follow the instructions carefully and take it seriously!I can‘t express enough how happy I am to have made the decision to join in during this review class. After the course, I felt a lot more confident, very strong and sure that I would pass the exam. I followed every single step before and during the examination. I calmed down, gave some little extra time to the first 75 questions, I applied the maslow hierarchy of needs, the nursing process, and every other tip you gave us in order to answer the questions. I reviewed every single module available on the Web site/question trainer and took all of the exams in both modes, exam and review options. I gave myself some extra time to review some topics of the course book I purchased from you especially the medication section. I also made new notes and spent time reading them at night. I took this review very seriously and the results could not be any better

Judith Galvan

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I took your Seminar in San Jose. I have to say the seminar was GREAT!!! I figured if I didn’t pass the NCLEX LVN that I still got a lot of information from your seminar. Well, I did PASS! My co-workers are asking “how I did it” I am handing out your name and phone number. Just wanted to thank your for the seminar and all your help.”


“This is the third NCLEX Review class that I have taken and I feel this one was the best! I took other Reviews and I was very disappointed. Dr Yosef kept my interest, and was extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for everything. I truly believe that this review will help me pass my RN Exam. The strategies that I received on how to answer the questions were very crucial to me. The location in San Bernardino was very convenient. Thanks again”


Hello Dr. Imran, This is Kiran in Yuba City, Sacramento, I don‘t know if you remember me but I took your NCLEX class for LVN on March 21,2008. It was a very special class for me and I can not thank you enough for the teaching and helping me pass state board exam.
I just want to thank you today especially for the way you teach, your professionalism and the heart you put into teaching.
I truly appreciate your teaching and hope you will always continue to teach NCLEX and make a difference in everyone\‘s lives. I pray to god for your success and wish for the best for you. I will recommend your class to everyone in the Sacramento North Valley areas. Thank you again. God Bless


“Thank you for making my life successful. My name is Kulwinder and I took the three day seminar in San Francisco. With your help and huge knowledge I was able to take my test with more confidence. When I saw my name on the internet, I can not believe it. I PASSED! I just want to give you a million thanks for helping me pass my exam and I wish you and all of your students the best of luck in the future.”

Flory Kulwinder,

I took my 3day seminar with Dr. Yosef and it helped me pass my Nclex- RN exam with one take only…thank you so much! You. I will be seeing me more often because I will be taking classes for certification soon. Thank you again and more power!


Hello, I just want to give you a million thanks for helping me pass the NCLEX, this review was very helpful, and the 3 day class as well. I took the NCLEX for the second time and with 129 questions I PASSED!!! After taking other review courses, and doing different programs which supposely would help me pass, none of those helped. You guys are great!, and “I highly recommend this course to all of those who have not passed or taking NCLEX for 1st time.” I felt very confident after I took the online test, and alway thought positive about passing like the way you guys encouraged us. Now I can say..I am very proud of my self, thanks again…..

Elvia Zabala, RN.

“Hi! Good morning. It was a blessing to be in your NCLEX review seminar Jan. 29 -31 2007;wherein I give so much credit for my passing the NCLEX -RN exam three days ago. Thank you very much for extending my online services and especially the well explained Test-taking Strategies. More power from on high be with you Dr. Yosef and your staff. Yes !! I Passed!!”


Good day to you Dr. K. This is L. Grant, one of your students during July 9-11 here in Sacramento, CA. I just want to extend my deepest gratitude in thanking you in being a wonderful instructor during my NCLEX review in which I learned a lot of important test taking strategies which was very helpful. I wanted you to know that I took my exam last July 24 and got my result on July 26. I wish to inform you that I passed my boards with the confidence knowing that I did well on it. I’m now officially a license Registered Nurse. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work.

L. Grant